HipTrac™ is a portable pneumatic medical device for self administering hip traction in an easy to use, comfortable, and effective manner. It replicates manual long axis traction that is provided in a clinic by a physical therapist, physician, or chiropractor.

How The HipTrac Works Diagram

01 Hand Pump and Gauge

The hand pump adjusts the force of the traction delivered. The gauge indicates the amount of force being delivered to your hip.

02 Bindings

The bindings are easy to put on and comfortably connects your leg to the HipTrac. It has a hook on the back that locks into one of the openings on the slide carriage.

03 Slide Carriage

The slide carriage has multiple openings for which the binding hook locks into depending on your leg length. The slide carriage will move away from your body as you use the hand pump.

04 Support Legs

The support legs can be locked into 3 different angles of 10, 20, or 30 degrees of flexion depending on comfort and instruction by your health care provider.

05 Foam Pad

The foam pad is placed at the end of the HipTrac between your buttocks and the device. It takes the pressure off of your sit bone (ischial tuberosity) as you traction your hip.

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